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Текст и слова песни Big Lokote – Mi Reina



That's right


Baby I'm your gangster
John Izzy and Lokote

(Background Music & Vocals)

Reina de mi vida
I love you with my heart
Ever since the first day
Back from the very start, that we met
Your so lovely
I had to make you mine
Your breathtaking like an angel
You had me hypnotized
Me recuerdo, todos los tiempos
The times we spent together
Nuestro amor sincero
I promise you my angel
I'll be right by your side
Me and you por vida
A love that never dies
I vow on my knees
To always prove my love
Heres a ring with a diamond
Lets unite as one
You know that I miss you girl (that's right)
You have my heart hasta que yo muera
From now until I die
Baby girl cause I love you always and forever
Espera mija, dame tu mano
Don't be sad your not alone
I love till death I'll protect you with my soul
I'm your gangster
For you I will kill
Cementerios I will fill with the hollow chrome

(Chorus): I am gangster and I'll be there everyday for you girl
I am a gangster and I don't want to lose your love baby
I am a gangster oh how I love you and need your love baby
I am a gangster and how I thank you for being my lady

I wrote this song just to let you know
This feelings inside coming from me corazon
My desire is to live and to die by your side
And to love and worship you untill the day I die
Sexy girl don't doubt me
Try not to doubt my love
Cuz I'm gratefull to the lord for sending you up from above
Into my path of destruction
Girl you saved my life
I was a killer from my vario with the devil by my side
I was lost by the darkness a gangster with no soul
Smoking pinche yeska rollin with the quatro four
Then all of a sudden you came in my vida
Showed me that you cared
That day I realized you were something special with my life
Was something I wanted you to share
Intellemente yo soc en la muerta
I'll give you my soul now and forever
I'm your gangsta I'll never let you down
If anybody fucks with you I'll shockem blastem to the ground

Background Music and Vocals

Yo sope got the glocks y mi cope reynaseta
I promise to love you mija always and forever
Never thought I'd settle down now we are a family
You and I are married with the rumble baby
A gift from the heavons your a blessing to my life
(Undefined) makin love in candle light
Yo mucho te quiero yo mucho te quiero
Baby girl I love you don't want you to be solo
Grab you by the hand follow me I'm the man
That'll never break your heart cuz for you is where I stand
It breaks my heart everytime were apart
Hold you in my arms just like the stars
Show me your kisses show me your love
Your lookin like an angel that come from above
Let me give you my love for the rest of our days
Forgive me girl for our evil ways
Insedamente se de mi amo
Big lokote high power soldados... (hahahaha)

Background Music and Vocals

This song is Dedicated to a very special lady in my life
Drena and a rumble baby
Te amo mija por vida

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