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Текст и слова песни Big Pokey – All in

You know what a nigga really love to see goochie sheets you in the suit
Making love to me hugin me rubing me nugin me pulling out and releasing on
The bellie that's the thug in me I love to freak you make a nigga deep for
Sex I'ma floss the six you can floss the lex on the inside neck I'm all in in
The mist of me ballin I hear your body callin you bout it baby I'm bout it
I'm the only one you got at the bar getting sloppy, holding you is a hobby, on
Mind, as we bump and grind, diggin in you from behind, irrating your spine, it
Ain't a f*ck thang, or a viper and a truck thang, and when you're in the kitchen
Frying up a duck man, I love the things you do, I like to hang with you, I put
It all on the line boo, I'm claiming you
(chorus) I'll have you drapped in finer things, four diamond rings, fill this
Bracelet with karets and give you pocket change, I ain't no trick but I want to
Get with you, when I dream your that I picture, I'm all in
Off the top, I'm a mess cause this thug is feness, these bagets on my chest, you
Got my highly dressed, rolling pine, the scents maybe keys and nickles, in the
Waters of Jamacia is where I normally take them, cause you know who's bigger,
See I balls and balls, six hummin, you all, fish tank in the wall, throwin hard
In the mall,who's show ain't stopping, V12 still choppin and the screens just
Droppin, it was love at first sight, I knew that when I met you, she was casing
You for sipe, persian rugs on the kitchen, candles lit around the tub, while
You're taking a bath, sho was pinned against the wall, we winned it up in the
Air, bath water like bubbles, hugged up like huddles, and we carressed and
Cuddled when he world gave us trouble, sweat pouring in puddles, once I'm all in
Them hips, ain't no change in the whip cause the script don flip
(chorus) repeat 2x's
Baby, I'm back in your brain, watch the screen when it rain, peep the piece and
The chain, diamonds white four runner, real leather and lumber, but it's choppin
Like purina hit it only in the summer, plus the full course meal put the berries
On chill,lose the skirt you desert the way you work it be real, you ain't a
Freak boo, you make a niggas knees weak boo, brown skin, smelling sweet and
Petite too, that's why I'm making you mine knocking you down, and when you jump
Off I'm cocking my nine,miller, you chase a pilla, you don't have to grind to
Put it down, cause I don stack my scrilla, dope dealinng cap pillin that's some
Things of the past, CEO all in the show, mashing the gas, build a lengend in the
Game, plus I'm in it to win, just remenmber like I said before I'm all in
(chorus) repeat 2x's

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