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Текст и слова песни Dres – New York City Niggas

See I bee your true choice...Mind mine as overtime I got
The bite when I write I ignitge....it's like a fight on the mic..i'm
Outasight take flight or I'ma catch you off your best turn...then
Proceed to catch wreck just like a tech in a western...Been rockin
Rhymes since the days of Dimples Dee...and we been gettin
Money since the Treacherous Three..not just me...my whole crew
Just like a silver shadow...throwin hammers like Thor
When we battle...heads rattle...rock and roll...all that jazz, pop and
Soul...what we bring to hip hop be in the form ten fold...When
Rockin the microphone, I play the roll like Karl Malone...on stock
Dun...got dope rhymes for your dome...Visions of Shirley
Murdock - with my crew, as we lay....I got the 45th cocked - we
Got the
Tre's and A.K.'s layed away...as we playin it in luxuries
Lap...Navy Seals is on our ass...I hear we due to get jacked...but
Fact, you can't escape..you see we're New York City
Niggas...far from lame - spittin game - even nicer pullin triggas - and
Dig this...they're leaving no witnesses to the bout...so
Me,Joe, L, Rho - we goin all out...As a few play post..another few
Roast...Martell for mariwinos - my blood stream the
Host...goin over in my mind - counterattack - I'm on the scheme -
They've been infiltrated, one of they niggas really on our
Team...Layed it down nights ago..said they was based in V.A.
Supposed to rob before they raid because the way that we
Play, every day, it don't cease...from the streets of no peace...to
Bringin heat to the fleet of crazy crooked police HOOK As
Money's foldin..keep it quiet like you know silence is golden..talkin
While my teams reloadin...find your mic and mind exploding or
Corrodin...say I show them what it means to flip script..and sink
Battleship..slip and cock the clip inside the whip...aimin for
The right ties...sippin Mai Tai with spiz,trying to school these kids
That think they learned it all from wise guys...what they
Do..going through a lifetime without a clue...with the need to turn
Around like the cap on my brew...Be askin you when they be
Tellin you your life ain't worth jack...jones for jewels...long to leave
Their name in your back...No riff...the 45th to tounge kiss, for
What it's worth to fold your ass like a map and leave you huggin the
Earth....knee high - we piled style that you couldn't
Deny...$200. dollar Guess, on the floor, velour Fila...till today..we
Don't play..Never been one to run astray..using my mind like the
Nine as the rhyme leads the way......Born buck..in search of luck..I
Love the feel of sunshine..but sometime when it be raining, still
You'd see me unwind..one time when I was young and far away
Cancun...Hip Hop was mine to consume...to pass around in
Stan's room HOOK It's time to load and explode..I'm hittin niggas
They owed..behold...I grab the mic with two hand choke
Holds...I'm out to fold till I'm old..with bank accounts of
Untold..stash cash..plus jars full of slivers of gold...a rhyme
Rocker..I gets
Up in your mouth just like Binaca..with the proper that be bangin
Like a
Sock over a locker....Once again Dres..lays it down with
The slang that bicycle kicks like that nigga Liu Kang...I brang..many
Thang in event of battle we..be the baddest ...be turning
Babbles into babalities...on a road to explode..catch me on the
Walked...from the sands of Sahara to the streets of New
York..to talk the time of we..even a blind man could see...that he's
Living in the very last of days that be... NYCN pge 2

Still got the heart of Simba..and the skills of Gepetto...my style is
Quasi moto..ill forms, that rock the ghetto..Whas the deal
Bro...me yo, I been chillin like Sub Zero...not that I'm your
Yo, it's hot and full of Nero's ...so me, me and mine in line to
Shine with true clout...Electric...with company...don't make us turn
Your lights out HOOK

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