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Текст и слова песни Lupe Fiasco – Handcuffs

Alright They're Kinda Sketchy...But I Hope U Like Em!!!

You Know Wut Im Sayin You Know Sum Niggas Really Out There Bad
You Know Wut Im Sayin Sum Niggas Is Forced In Positions Where They Gota Do Things Where They Donât Wana Do It You Know Wut Im Sayin So Sum Nigas Forced 2 Dope Sell Dope Sum Nigas Forced 2 Pimp You Know Wut Im Sayin But U Got Sum Nigas Out There That Just Lazy You Know Wut Im Sayin They Nigas Aint Forced 2 Do Nuthin Nigas Got Other Options They Jus Choose Not 2 Do Em You Know

[Verse 1:]
Sittin In The Back Of The Police Car Position Your Mission Is Forgettin Deny They Existas Thinking Of Different Ways To Keep From Submitten And Contain And Not To Mention Like Dat Grandma Keep Police In The Second Edition(I Think Thatâs It) With The Walls So U Can Barely Fit In
Knees Is Touchin The Front Seat Shiftin Cuz Ye Handcuffs Is Cutting Ye Wrists And Ye Pushin That He Wud Drive Fasta Please But He Slows Through The Hood As He Drives Past The Free Itâs Cool But U Trippin The Quicka U Get There The Quicka U Sit There Cuffed To Bench And They Playin Good Cop Bad Cop One Of Them Pretendin So U Rewind Urself To Ur Under Easy Recline In The Back Of The Police Car Handcuffed In The Seatbelt

Nah U Aint Gota Quicken The Pase They Just Giv Me More Time 2 Sit In The Race Alibine Alius Switch And Replace Think About Then Forget About An Escape Thank God That Im Up In The States Cuz If I Wuz In Russia Who Wud Know How Theyd Do A Hustla W8 I Aint A Hustla Im Str8 Im Dam Near A Busta No Laws I Break

[Verse 2:]
Money I Neva Seen Guna I Didnât Hold Drugs I Neva Sold Cars I Didnât Make Niga This Is A Waste Of Your Time And Mine Im Comfortable Im Fine A Case This Aint Even A Fine U Aint Find Nutin Homie Not Even A Dime Not Even A Dime That Wud Drop Die Moment(I Think) I No U Is Dyin So U Put A Dime On It I Know Thatâs A Crime U Supposed 2 Fight Crime For Me Protectin The Serve Prosecute Correct And Return To The Homies And Thatâs Gona Send Them Direct 2 The Curb So U Can Put It Back On Me

[Chorus: Backround Saying Handcuffs]
You Knoe Donât Get Me Wrong Sum Ppl Aint Got No Optionsu No Wut Im Sayin They Surrounded Cuz They Aint Vaumet(No Idea Thatâs A Guess) And The Way That Society Works On Things Actually Forces Them Into Rexment(No Idea) You Now Wut Im Sayin To The Point Where They Got No Options So They Gota Go Out There And Carry Guns And They Carry Guna To Protect The Dope

[Verse 3:]
Sittin In The Front Of The Police Car Postion Is Mission Is Bendin Pinnin Charges On Niggas Even If They Didnât He Sittin In Court Lyin Testifyin Againt Defendents Like That Uh And He Love 2 Choke Nigas He Donât Trip With The Rich He Jus Like The Broke Niggas Probly Did More Dirt In The Street Then Most Niggas Even The Old Ppl Donât Like Em Cuza The Way He Approach Niggas Niga U Aint No Betta Then Me Just A Hustla With A Badge Confiscate The Dope Money Put It With Ur Retirement Hope Money U Aint Building No Playgrounds In The Poor For Sum Cash That Aint A Pention Thatâs A Shoe Box Stash With A Glock To Protect It We Both Undercova Check It Thinking That The Good We Do Donât Out Wigh The Centa That We Do To Collect It Sayin This Fore The Community They Donât Value Us Only A Round Cuz The Property Value Up And They Gota Clear The Streets Before They Put The Houses Up Put Them 200 Thousands Up Feel Him Donât Get Payd Enough To Kick In Doors Raid And Cuff So Use Wut Nigas Get On The Street A Settlement That The Wage Is Cut So We Gota Keep Just Enough Nigas Out There Hustling To Keep This Paper Up Like That Maybe He Shud Be In Them Handcuffs

[Whisper Handcuffs And Finish The Song]

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