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Биография "Jose Luis Perales"

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Фото Jose Luis Perales
José Luis Perales
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José Luis Perales
Birth name José Luis Perales Morillas
Born 28 January 1945 (1945-01-28) (age 65)
Castejón, Cuenca, Spain
Genres Balada
Romantic music
Occupations Musician, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1972-present
Labels Hispavox, Sony Music / BMG, Columbia Records
Website www.joseluisperales.net/ (Spanish)
José Luis Perales (born January 28, 1945 in Castejón, Cuenca Province) is a Spanish singer-songwriter and composer who is very popular in Spain and Latin America. He has performed some of his extensive work at Carnegie Hall, New York.

From a very young age, Perales displayed an interest in music. At age 6, he learned to play the lute. At 16, Perales studied to be an electrical engineer at the Universidad Laboral of Sevilla on a scholarship. He learned how to play the guitar there. During his time at university, he realized that music was going to be part of his life. After university, Perales moved to Madrid, where he completed his studies and continued his interest in music. His first attempt as a musician was as a composer, because he did not like to sing and was unsure of the support of his girlfriend, Manuela. Encouraged by his mother, Mariana, Perales sang in his hometown at some local festivals. It was not until he met Rafael Trabucchelli (an influential Spanish music producer of the time) in 1970, however, that his musical career took a dramatic turn. Trabucchelli discovered the young composer and talented, but reluctant, singer.
Perales composed «Porque te vas» (why are you leaving), which was performed by Jeanette and sold 4 million copies worldwide in 1972. After much encouragement from Trabucchelli and his supporters, Perales decided to give singing a try. His first record, «Celos de Mi Guitarra» (Jealousy of My Guitar) was a huge success in Spain and in Latin America.

Although it was difficult for Perales to leave his job, and dedicate himself to his new career, he was able to find a way to integrate his musical career into his life. He still lives in Castejón with his wife Manuela, son Pablo, and daughter Maria.

Perales has recorded 27 albums with 50 million copies sold worldwide. His compositions have been recorded by singers such as Raphael, Rocío Jurado, Jeanette, Miguel Bosé, Isabel Pantoja, Julio Iglesias, Paloma San Basilio, Mocedades, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Ricardo Montaner and Marc Anthony, among others.

He has given concerts in Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United States, Brazil, Italy, France, and Portugal. Although Perales does not tour the United States often, when he does, his shows are immensely successful.

Perales’ most popular singles are «Quisiera Decir tu Nombre» (I Would Like to Say Your Name), «¿Y Como es Él?» (And What Is He Like?) and «¿Que Pasará Mañana?» (What Will Happen Tomorrow?)

1973 — Mis Canciones (My songs)
1974 — El Pregón (The Pregon)
1975 — Para Vosotros Canto (I Sing For you)
1976 — Por Si Quieres Conocerme (In case You want To know Me)
1978 — Como La Lluvia Fresca (Like Fresh Rain)
1978 — Soledades (Edition Just For Latinamerica) (Solitudes)
1979 — Tiempo De Otoño (Time Of Autumn)
1981 — Nido De Águilas (Eagle’s Nest)
1982 — Entre El Agua Y El Fuego (Between Water and Fire)
1984 — Amaneciendo En Ti (Waking Up to You)
1986 — Con El Paso Del Tiempo (With the Passage of time)
1987 — Sueño De Libertad (Dream of Freedom)
1989 — La Espera (The Wait)
1990 — A Mis Amigos (To My Friends)
1991 — América (America)
1993 — Gente Maravillosa (Wonderful People)
1996 — En Clave De Amor (In The Key Of Love)
1998 — Quédate Conmigo (Stay with me)
2000 — Me Han Contado Que Existe Un Paraíso (I’ve Been Told There’s a Paradise)
2006 — Navegando Por Tí (Sailing For You)

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