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Текст и слова песни Binary Star – Masters Of The Universe

(These styles is unknown to...)
The two-headed dragon
(These styles is unknown to...)
The two headed dragon

Yo, and it goes on ya'll (Uh huh)

"(You don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])"

[Verse 1]
The two-headed dragon breathes fire, blows flames
Veins pumping octane blazing pain, same brain
Same ankle that enabled Kain to slew that's a sharp blade
Whether you're willing or able I see your stockade
I'm from an age where I just played caption
It's passin' the fact that what you're really tongue lashin'
Yo and we strikin' they backs like they card cold the dashin'
Can't escape slavery boy, I'm still the master of natural disaster
This rap tongue-twister, emergin' from waterworld the mighty worldwind
Microphone cyclone blowin' in your ears like your girlfriend
Until the world ends all these minds puttin' work in
Employ these toys on a job and we'll see, but what the hell was they thinkin'?
Must've been drunk, what the hell was they drinkin'?
Why are these rules?, broke as hell in a Lincoln
Head-on collisions in these rap competitions
My crew cats' record turn their frames into scrap metal (off to the junkyard)
'Cause ain't nobody's on my rap level, you can ask the devil
It ain't no way in hell these contenders can hender
Remember; guard your fender from a friender mista
So now I'm Silla, sinister swindler, I brought you stigmas
When your hides bust in line a temper, this is a warning to you men
We're joining these tournaments of journalists and live by the pen
Now die by the sword, tears through your guard got you through the mic cord
It's fine but explored, but just fine wine is poured
Now toast to this, as we pour a little out who be approachin' this
Be approachin' this, be approachin' this, be approachin' this
Be approachin' this, be approachin' this, be approachin' this

[Verse 2]
Battle vocalist the One Man Army in a war against bliss
Lack of knowledge means I'm weaponless, don't just step to this
I sent Pharoah messages like Moses takin' my people on an exodus
We on the run, I split the m-i-c open, kids try to follow
But get swallowed in the ocean, preacher of the truth
Non-believers makin' mockery, it ain't no stoppin' me, I fulfill all prophecy
Similar to David with the rock I sling shots at your bestest warrior
Plus I'm ill with the poetry, you know it's me but you still couldn't catch us
Manuever on the mic or lose heads like John the Baptist
When I rap this whack MC's feel the rapture
Others fugitive style your brains couldn't capture
Ever since the beggining of time, let there be light
That's the first day, I wrote my first rhyme, I'm still writin'
I seen you lookin' at 'em, but don't even think about bitin'
Forbidden poetry is a life, dig these
Your ass couldn't hide from me with fig leaves

Ah, uh, (control my...), ah, yo, yo

"(You don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])"

[Verse 3]
We move fast like Quickdraw McGraw, when it's time
We get raw, our crew come together like jigsaw puzzles
We movin' on the double, a t-r-o-u-b-l-e, we spell trouble
For you cats and dogs without muzzles barkin' in my face
That'll carry no weight like space shuttles, we rock the mic like rubble
Binary Star came to rain, drip, drop, rain puddles
Subtle, anonymous, rap hippopatomus, no comogenous
Deeper than a pit that's bottomless
The knowledge is, to see us, you must be an astrologist
Stars, quasars, cyrus, synonomous

(These styles is unknown to...)
(Leavin' no limits, we don't forgive or forget)


(These styles is unknown to...)
(These styles is unknown to...)
We bum rush, there's no envision
What you know about this?
What you know about this?

"(You don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])"
(These styles is unknown to...)
"(You don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])"

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