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Текст и слова песни Canibus – Dreamzzzzz

[Chorus: x4]
"Dreamzzzzz" of fuckin' a female news anchor
I'm just playin', but I'm sayin'

Yea, this isn't excellence in journalism
I prefer to call it conservative words of wisdom
Mixed with perverted visions
I can't help it, I was bitten by Celtic Woman
Who spoke elvish, who told me I was selfish
Nah honey be friendly you're my Ms. Money Penny
I love you because when they hate me; you defend me
"Dreamzzzzz" of fuckin' a female news anchor
Welcome to my world of fantasies and fandom
0330 central news network
I filled out visitors of paper work 'til my head hurt
G words bees and birds can't help but to be perverse
About anything over 30 in a skirts
I get up stairs to search who's doin' their leg work
I seen her walk in to the coffee room, I go there first
She was beautiful and burgundy, same Zane Verjee
I said "Allah have mercy", she heard me and turned to me
She showed me her breast, I was impressed
She suggested I lock the door so we could both get undressed
Quick start, quick finish, I gently kissed her
The phone rang; it was Wolf Blitzer sayin' "He missed her"
I was not surprised, I ain'tt want the bitch to lose her job
OH MY GOD! Is that Sumi Das?
Still hard from Zane givin' me brain, but I can't complain
I'll take wrinkles over stains anyday, anyway where did the Sumi go?
She reminds me of this ho I used to bang on a Pakistani Sushi boat
Her trail went cold, I stole me an access card
Picked up the trail in the parking garage
I pretended I was an intern
I said "Ma'am you left this upstairs, a huge diamond earrings"
She just stares, standin' there in a dress with a delicate smell of vinaigrette
She placed the palm firmly on my chest
"Are you St. Germaine?" she said, I said "Yes"
And I seek to have sex with the Dragon Princess
She circled her hips slow, dancin' to Calypso
She brought her lips close, my dick grows, she sniff Coke
I couldn't believe the nerve of this
Circus Witch with burger itch
You tried to curse me with a kiss
Nosferatu practitioner, I don't even think about kissin' her
She will remain my prisoner

[Chorus: x4]

Yea, check the defense mechanism of this next woman
She's the real Lara Croft, I couldn't wait to have sex with her
Arwa Damon so calm under pressure
But our hormones start raging as soon as I undress her
Started to speak in discrete descriptive speech
I tasted her nipples and told her "Her tits taste like a peach"
She had congressional oversight, over the mic
A young Black man obsessed with her egg shell white
Her body was tight, "Ok" I said but not tonight
Your life is your job; my job is my life
Filled with gold spindles, a positive polarity singles
But when I talk to strippers I'm simple
Like screwin' Julie with the booty dimples
She act moody 'cause she's mental
Try to imagine what she's been through
Julie Banderas got what I call a rare ass
That's the type of ass that could tear pants
I let her dance on my fair delance, Caliente Sangre
And life goes on like John Mellencamp

[Chorus: x4]

Yea, yo, I don't wake up 'til 12:00
Soledad O'Brian don't wake up 'til she feels cock
I love these women so much, I can't stop
Sir Lancelot givin' Guinevere a shamrock
Accompanied by a rose, she smelled it with her nose and froze
It was the perfect time to take off her clothes
The tale of the Princess and the P and MC
Mr. C really? a magnificent read
In a dream I had about my favourite anchor of them all
In my dream I wrote a name across The White House wall
Suzanne Malveaux - oh I have love you so
So much so I let the whole world know
Her pastry is so tasty; I don't care if her husband hates me
I'm still in my dream, DO NOT WAKE ME!
In the dream she and I share pound cake and tea
In between her shifts on the silver screen
She lays her head on my arm during The White House conference, so DAMN!
Imagine that when you listen to my song

[Chorus: x4]

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