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Текст и слова песни Chamillionaire – Not A Criminal (Feat. Kelis)

Uhh Looks Like Another Win For Me
It's The Ultimate Victory
Chamillitary Man
Everybody Get Low, It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low, It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low, It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low, It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Chamillitary Mayne)
Everywhere That I Go (Everywhere I Go)
They Look At Me Like A Criminal
But I'm A Ceo, I'm A Ceo (I'm A Self Employeed Ceo)
I Already Got Dough, I Already Got Dough (But I Think Its Time For Me To Get Mo')
But I'm A Ceo, I'm A Ceo (I'm A Self Employeed Ceo)
I'm Not A Criminal
[Verse 1:]
Let Them Stay Local While I'm About To Hit Japan
The G4 Get Me Out When I Get In A Jam
You Gotta Go Internatonal To Get With Cham
Women On Your Phone I Bet You Switchin' Up Yo Plan
Let Them Other Rappers Beef While They Arguein'
Will Be Runnin' In With The Bags To Get The All The Grams
Take It Out Yo Hands (Take It Out Yo Hands)
Money Talks, Only Language That I Understand
I Heard That Puff N Jay Were Worth Over 300 Mill
That Means That This Year I Gotta Put It In 300 Gear
You Wanna Treadmill Homie
You Just Runnin' Still
Yes This Is The Rap That All The Other Rappers Love To Feel
I Got The Plaque But Now Im Back For The Reload
We Know While Imma Still Stick To The Street Code
Tell Me What The Industry Is Lookin' At Me For
Cuz Here Ya Sold Platinum They Didn't Think It Would Be Gold
Now They Try To Tell Me That There Will Never Be Mo'
But These Flows Sure To Be A ***** To Yo Ego
Ya I'm From The South They Try To Tell Me That We Slow
But It's Ironic That Your Tryin' To Keep Up With Me Tho


[Verse 2:]
Call Up Universal N Tell Them Open Up The Vault
N Tell Them I Just Had Another Million Dollar Thought
Albums Do Not Sell They Tell Me We Not In A Drought
How Bought I Run In These Labels For The **** N Break Em Off
Imma Boss Yeah Yeah
My Money Is Unlimited
Sorta Like My Motorola Minutes Is
Koopa Bout To Tell You What The Business Is
Rap With This Rapper Major Label On I Getting' Rich
Whatcha Mean The Label Didn't Promote
I Put A Million On A Million Do It Till I Go Broke
Might Have To Run For President So Give Me Yo Vote
Cuz Bin Laden Wouldn't Be The Only One In The Scope
Get A Rope
N Duck Tape Theres Bout To Be A Crime
Simplify Yo Songs I Ain't Simplifyin' Mine
The Industry Done Got In The Streets Thats Why Rappers Diein'
Don't Get It Confused Imma Still Show You How To Grind
They Tell Me If I Write A Lullaby For The Females
That These Sales Are Sure To Skyrocket In Retail
Hope You Got A Backup Plan If Yo Cd Fails
I'll Drown Em Like Seashells
Till They Hit These Shells

[Verse 3:]
Ultimate Victory
I'm Back For The Reload
But We Know Imma Still Stick To The Street Code
Look At Sumtin' Pretty In The Middle Of The Road
Bouncin' On Rims Like A Brick At A Free Throw
I Told Em Tomorrow Imma Be On B.E.T
Look At All The Free Clothin' That They Came N Gave To Me
I Told Em Tomorrow Imma Be On M.T.V
Look At All The Jewelry My Jeweler Gave To Me Fo Free
I'm Winnin' So Keep The Hatin' To A Minimal
Ya'll Need To Give Applause To The General
I'm Hearin' How Ya'll Talk In Yo Interviews
Ya'll Really All Just Be Talkin' Like A Interlude
Poppin' At The Mouth
While I'm Poppin' Tags
50 Thousand In My Pocket Pants Gotta Sag
Magazine Critics Always Talkin' Like They Bad
But In The Streets Tryna Hide Behind A Pen N Pad
But It's Ok
I Know Why You Getting' Mad
I Gotta Lot Of Whatever You Neva Had
Got A Betta Pad
Got A Betta Slab
We Gonna Keep It Movin' Try Ya Best To Get A Cab
Remember You Wer Jammin' Master P
Now That Houstons Super How You Try N Ask For Me
They Be Askin' For A Verse Don't Even Ask The Fee
Tellin' Me How Many Bars To Spit Like That's For Free
Try Again
Sorry Betta Luck Next Time
Unless Imma Sleep The Only Time Is Let's Grind
Yall Need To Stop Like The Words On The Red Sign
Unless I'm Pointin' Sumtin' Tellin' Ya Get Down

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