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Текст и слова песни DJ Quik – Niggaz Still Trippin'

[DJ Quik]
Oh yes I'm rollin around in the fuckin underground
I'm the Q with the E and now it's time to get down
With the fact that I'm back, takin fat stacks
With the macs and the tecs now I can't relax
Like Playa Hamm said, bitches lick the head
Stickin out they tongue, they admittin they sprung
When I cum they cum, and then they get up and run
Cause they know that Quik can stick a hell of a dick
Up in they booty, butt, poop chute, crack
If there's sushi in your coochie then I ain't goin back
Because it ain't nothin worse than a funky cock ho (eww)
You better wash your monkey when we get to the mo-ti-nel
How do you feel, now that you know the real?
You jockin and squealin for the dick I'm dealin
Ain't no simp in my pimpin but for the bitches that nymphin
Quit trippin and stop your pussy from drippin
Because I'm too much for ya, girlie I adore ya
But if you actin hoochie, I might have to floor ya
And then I don't know ya, I fucked the girl before you
And givin you the record to a rubber, you ho
You - cat, I'm floatin like the bomb-ass bud
I won't go pop until I ain't no dug, yeah
And I'm a nigga that's known to clown and get down
And stand up for the underground

Uh, uh, uh, uh
A nigga wit too much dick to fuck with
AMG's got the forty ounce, come and take a sip
Hoes love me cause "Word to the D" bumps
Dick for the chick, gun for the chumps
And on tour I got ass and cash
Hit a little bombudd, had a few laughs
State to state, ocean to ocean
Bustin my nuts, while the bus keep coastin
(The king of 40 ounce swing, makin money with my ding-a-ling)
(The bitch's dream) AMG
The owner of the big D, down with 3-0-4 posse
(And hoes I lick and umm, make ya cum)
(And then I get ya sprung) How does it feel to get fucked
like a pro nigga ho with a dick like a candlestick?
Still have to jump it before you pump it
(I know you're mesmerized by the size)
Once again I'm surrounded by skin
Baby you can have it then, if you can get it in
Cause I got dick for days
Just like the old days... biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! D..

[Tha D]
Hey bitch! It's Tha D again
You gotta pay a fee to get freaked again
I hope you didn't think you'd get the dick for free
Because a nigga like Tha D gotta pimp the pussy
So take off your silky drawers
You can 68 me now and owe you 1 to the jaw
Bitch, fuck you once a month, dirty bleedin ass bump
Attractin flies with your female funk
So bitch, you better scrub and wash your bush
And while you're at it, scrape your hoofs, yeah
Cause no one really wants you
See if your feet look clean, your pussy must be clean too
But I don't give a motherfuck
A bitch ain't nuttin but a trick tramp slut, yeah
So get the fuck out my face, cause you're makin me sick
Bitch, cause you smell like sheeit

[DJ Quik]
Stickin to the shit that make 'em jump, make 'em bounce
Make 'em hump, make 'em really wanna get fucked up
Cause it ain't really over 'til it's over
And to me it'll never be, cause I can kick the shit constantly
Right now I'ma hip you to my new debut
Comin up from the underground too
Not a caucausian but a little bigger
So listen to the Funky White Nigga

[Funky White Nigga]
Aiyyo, this is jam packed, on my rap to you
Comin through on the underground with my nigga Q
Yeah and I chill and deal
Cause I'm known as the rat, what, so I'ma have ta
throw a little faster, when y'all witness
The funkiest cuts that are made in the business
So when y'all rollin around
Turn the radio off, hit the underground
Break out your seat, the cops ain't followin
Grab a cold 40 moneygrip and start swallowin
But I ain't drinkin, gimme a pack
Take me to the hood, I know exactly where it's at
ST hit a left at the store
To get some mints for my breath what for (for the bitches)
But on to the underground, and the fat sound
Quik blaze down, originatin in all towns
Bitches always on the tip
And G's, love to roll to our shit
The radio plays, the edit version
For the punk-ass people on the pop excursion
Don't it just make you wanna shake that asspiece
Girls don't hide it, come on and ride it
Get inside here, cause this is the Mothership
And a Funky White Nigga just took you on a trip

[DJ Quik]
And now.. it's the moment you've all been waitin for
Here it comes, the nigga that taught you how to do it froggystyle
It's the "Skanless" nigga

Ah ah ah AWW FUCK IT! Things ain't the same, I've changed
People come around and say "Damn he's actin strange"
I pop the pussy then I bail
Bitch don't trip, cause you'll make me tell
'bout the niggaz you fucked, the dicks you sucked
The nuts you bust so don't fuck with us
Check it baby, yo' best bet's to bone out
Cause youse a tramp, with a cramp in ya mouth
And your boyfriend got a dick like a gummy worm
With blanks in his balls, no sperm
I'm Hi-C, no need to rush
Take my dick, and treat it like a toothbrush
{tch tch, tch tch} All up by your gums
(tch tch tch} So I can cum
When I do, yo it's time to rinse
Floss spit the sperm out your mouth!

Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha...

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