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Текст и слова песни Doc – The Formula

High energy flowin' with the wisdom
Sense of a rich man, knowledge and the rhythm
This is what I'm using to come up with a style
So I'll interact altogether better with the crowd
Nervous for a second then the record starts spinnin'
And I fall into the state of mind of what I'd just created
Pump it like the Dr. D into the R.E. suckers ready to leap
Up on the tip when we made it
Creative so I'll never be regarded as a regular
More than just a little bit better than my competitor
You should never underestimate the fashion
I hold for the stage whether I'm coolin' or thrashin''
Clockin' the concoction created by me
When read you read E = the D.O. to the C.
Knowledge and the talent that my mother had born to her
Equals an artist that wont' be worn, what is that Dre?
It's the formula
It's like a message that only I could understand
But those who want to comprehend will again
Be in the midst of the brother
Unlike another in any way
'Cause Dre don't play, say what the other say
Originality is a must whenever I bust
A funky composition, it's crush and I trust that you
Know it when you hear a funky record with potential
Me gettin' hype 'cause Dre rockin' the instrumental
Nothing like what you've heard before and more, never less
See I don't Fess, I mean I'm like fresh if not the freshest
When I'm expressin' my thoughts on
Vinyl, you can't help but listen up and get caught on
Hooked because I cook when I pick up a pen
And begin, in the end it's dope, that's 'cause I want to win
Knowledge and the talent that my mother had born to her
Equals the DOC, what is it Dre?
Yo, that's the formula
Keepin' it dope as long as I can like imagine
Makin' each record that I do better than the last one
Take a little time, choose the topic and drop it
Release it, the science of makin' dope beats with
Rhythmic American poetry
Shipped it to stations, now many people know of me
I'm the D. into the O. and the O. into the C. and the C. into the
Suckers are fearing' this
When heard, the dope style calculated by the great wait
And take just a second to get caught up in my record
New but not a kid to be worn
If something' gettin' torn up then I'm doin' the
Tearin', not bein' torn
Shapin up to be one for the top vocalist lyricist
And when you hear of this
You shouldn't choke on this
Knowledge and the talent makes it valid
For me to get it patented
Dre, tellin' what I'm rappin'
The formula
In effect and I'm smooth, that's why I'm on the incline
Suckers frontin' for nothin' 'cause I'm goin' to get mine
It's in the cards and I thank I might have read this
So dont' lie and try to front like someone said this
Most who know thoughts served by the DOC see
That it's a mission impossible, tryin' to rock me
For an arena who'd ask me to perform for her
G.O. and easily I flow and ya know usin' the formula

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