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Текст и слова песни Freddie Foxxx – Drop A Jewel

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, especially when it's the only one you have
You see vision is the art of seeing things invisible

Ahh My God (To the Beat Y'all

Verse 1

A lot of love lost your days is getting cloudy now I'm gonna see how many can really stand the rain
Bumpy back again analytical still working out twice a day like it's critical still mix a lot keep it spiritual
Mic still hot still lyrical and you niggaz hate to see me rise
I ain't got no more patience you can see it in my eyes
I'm sick of niggaz keeping me in lies, I hear ya talking
I'm New York nigga I rep it every time I step it evn though I'm well respected I got a weapon your past is terrible your future's worse
Let me put this Walter PP all in ya mouth cock it and shoot you first
Your shit ain't phat ain't no pun to that cause I make this hardcore gansta shit so fun to rap
You in trouble like no gun to clap in the middle of Pakistan
Either you fight or you clap your hand
Cause weak niggaz can't ever be sincere
I'm the hardest sober hardcore beats in ya ear
And I'm graceful like Muhhamad Ali opposing war
I ain't trying to be no soldier that don't konw what he's fighting for
That's hypocritic if I'm shooting up my block over 150$ size rocks
I'm a stop fucking with niggaz like Jenny from the block
Cause all you want to do is come in the club and bust shots
You see a man who exposes himself when he's intoxicated really don't know the art of getting drunk
Bumpy Knux bring funk like a musty black man from Gahn I rip through Mc's like a peronous
Run up on me if ya want to I'll cock my resolution like I was Hughey Newton plottin revolution what ya'll rappers call 16 Barz I call polution so fuck you and your distribution
I'm the self mad dollar blue colar rockwilder
Yes I weigh more 265 I weigh more I guess I got my weight up
I send you 16 Barz I ate up
All you punch line niggaz I'll put you in a line and punch every one of you
now you know your purpose
I'm the bible of the ghetto and page by page
I wote ya'll a manual on the black man rage
I'll chae you till I catch that ass I guess I'm like age
And I kill gansta rappers too I guess I'm like AIDS
Take it Easy Eazy does it and ya'll wanna spit bitch in the club being a sleezy buzzit
Two years was my interlude I fixed my imperfection I got my mind in better shape to spit you the Konexion

Now that I got that off my Chest
Aiyo Big Chuck let's do this for Big Bro

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