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Текст и слова песни Gloc-9 – Get To Know You

First time I saw you girl
I was amazed
On how a playa like me can never resist
Why I'd do anything just to be able to kiss
Hold your hand
Be reminiscing the bliss
Now will you picture this?
Can you see the both of us trying to get to know
Each and every single body part of each other
So baby let me show and teach you the art
Tell me will you be surviving even though we're apart
Every time I let you feel my touch
You can never do anything
But tell me you can never get too much
I'll be shifting into pleasure mode
As you remove your clothes
Take you to the limit without stepping on the clutch
Consider me automatic
Now you know why haters panic
Definitely delivering the static
Into your bloodstream
Now you're becoming a fiend
Hit you like a laser beam
Nobody can intervene

All day thinking about you
Just want to get to know you
See you every single day
Can I know your name?
She takes my breath away
Hang on every word she says
With you everyday
Can I know your name?

I know you believe in love at first sight
You be letting me walk you home the first night
Every single thing that you want me to do it's alright
Because I can see and I can tell that you so tight
Like me on the mic
With your body you can rely
I'll be rubbing your back creamy lotion that I apply
See you get high when I put the cream on your pie
You be asking me questions why I'm able to make you fly
Don't cry 'cause this ain't gonna be the very last
You just have to include it into your beautiful past
Relax as I continue collecting my cash
Every time I look into your eyes
I begin to cast my spell
I know that you really cannot repel
You be riding me and I be riding you like Montell
So well that you're gonna be wanting me to return
I'm a little bit concerned 'cause I might cause you to burn

Repeat Refrain

I need to know
If you want to get to know me girl
And baby I wanna know
Can I take you there?
Everywhere you wanna go
I wanna love you
Everyway you wanna be love
Baby don't you know
I'm all that you dream about

As I lay you back taking you on a steady track
I can feel your temperature snap you're with the daddy mac
Come on girl
Let me hold and caress you like a pearl
You be lying in front of me and all up in your world
Every time I serve
When I try to take you to the curve
You're only capable of following my every word
It's so superb
You tend to submit because you know
I will send my every passionate
Signals down to your toe
Before you let me leave
Do not want to be deceived
You're gonna have to believe unto my lyrical breed
Indeed nobody can ever make alady come back for more
Treating me like I'm the man of her dreams that's for sure
My eyes I'll be holding your thighs
Every single tip of your fingers you be sending me signs
That you want me
You want to know a lot about me
Girl you got me inside your pretty body

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