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Текст и слова песни Goldie Lookin Chain – Ambassador

Oi clarts! Hold on to my fuckin' bags a minute
While I go to the toilet for a wank.
Just fuckin' knock on the door if the fuckin' plane's coming innit.

(Last call for Mr A Hussein flight number DA432 Dragon Airlines now boarding gate 1)

Oh fuck, oh fuckin hell that's me, that's me I gotta go, where's me fuckin bum bag!

I was given my orders by the Goldie Lookin' Chain
To be Port's first importer of Mary Jane
Cos I smokes more draw than your average rasta
I'm now Newports's first draw ambassador.
I got blocko in Morrocco, made a plan in Afganistan
About bringing the draw back to the motherland
I told them the deal so they'd listen to my skit
About going into business, there's a gap in the market.
They knew I had to be good and not fuckin' shitty
Cos Newport town was now Newport City
I was shagging this bird who looked like Godzilla
And she said she knew this Colombian Guerrilla
So I turned her over and gave her a poke
And went to South America to score the coke.
By this time next week if I'm careful clarts
I'll be importing more draw than fuckin' Howard Marks.

He's the Draw Ambassador
And he's Adam Hussein
He's the Draw Ambassador
And he's Adam Hussein

Got draw in Singapore and pills in Ecuador.
Shagging loads of Thai birds has left my cock raw
And what's more, I can't stop making the score.
I had to leave Italy cos I caused a war.
Flew out the Port and came back to a city.
He's Adam Hussein and he's sitting pretty
As draw ambassador on a global scale.
He imports by the Ki and always makes a sale.
I sold draw in Mexico and even to a Eskimo.
Got out on bail in the capital of Israel.
Now I'm back on the streets, and real wrecked up
I heard Ballsy's causing a riot in the World Cup.
I sold a nine bar to a bra in Canada
And I bought an ashtray for my fuckin' Grandma
Pulled a scam in Amsterdam and got away in a van
And now I'm on the run avoiding the fuckin' can

He's the Draw Ambassador
And he's Adam Hussein

Got messed in Budapest and got a tattoo in Timbuktu.
Threw up over some Thai bird after sniffin' fuckin' glue.
Then went onto Sweden cos I needed a reason
To get out of Saudi cos they wanted me for treason.
We got fucked on the exchange rate making me irate
By shifting this draw from state to state.
I can't wait to see the Euro
So I can open my own change-de-bureau.
I nicked a new suit, I nicked a new tie.
I wouldn't trust me two fags I'm really quite sly.
I went to Paraguay smoked a cone and got high
But I had to leave cos they thought I was a spy.
I went to Ibiza on my way back from Jamaica
I got a red carpet and my picture in the paper.
When I got back to the Port I had duty free:
Draw, fags and Rizlas for all the GLC.

He's the Draw Ambassador
And he's Adam Hussein
He's the Draw Ambassador
And he's Adam Hussein

Yeah my missus have got a kid like, er
She gets all them wicked benefits from the DSS like you know, er
She gets loads of money man off the DSS.
She got a new car 'n all man it's wicked!
It's serious man.
Yeh I seen a dead cat, and my mate pushed his fingers in it's eyes 'n
It come, all stuff come out. It was safe as fuck like you know, I had a bit of draw like man.

I am a robot! I am a robot! Destroy! Destroy!
Stop it man.
Destroy! I am a robot! I want to smash something up!
I am a robot! Eeeeneeee!
Stop it alright. Don't touch me now.

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