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Текст и слова песни Goldie Lookin Chain – Homeboys

Right I've got to tell you a story. There's a story about a bunch
Of people who maintain and keep it real. For anyone who's ever
Smoked draw around the back of their gran's house or somewhere
Where they shouldn't have done it 'cos they migth get in trouble
With the authorities. It's the Goldie Lookin Chain.
Yeah big respect to anyone who got alloy wheels or a nice fcukin
Silver BMX, wears fcukin chain, knows the fcukin score, smokes draw,
This ones out to you man. fcukin safe - respect.
That's right man I fcukin met him a couple of years ago, right I
Was down at Avana bakery(1). I was working there for quite some
Time and erm I hooked up with em like and pretty fcukin safe like,
Fcukin GLC crew, safe.
We're back and we're in demand
Im fcukin dangerous and Im armed
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger out of fcukin Commando
You know we're gonna show you the fcukin way
The GLC way.
You know can't fcukin go 'cos you wanna stay.
And listen more to the GLC so you knows the score.
I once knew sicko's, pedo's, dirty perv's
Now all that stuff just gets on my nerves.
Now I've read the word and seeks redemption
But for this album I'll make a fcuking exception
To all the homeboys workin in Argos
To all the razz kids in B&Q
To all the bad boys working in Aldi
This goes out to you.
Some of you people have never seen it before
Some of you people have never even smoked draw
Some of you people just don't understand
Two Hat's is back and he's on remand.
Now Im back and Im on the streets
Im that mad fcuker that beat up your Nan
I hide behind cars and lorries and jeeps,
Hiding from the law when they clean the streets.
He hates society and he's on remand
He's back on the streets, he's got a cosh in his hand
He went to the big house for stealin from the shop
And going home and rubbing sandpaper on his Dad's cock
He took one trip and lost his mind,
Now he endded up doing serious time.
Got raped by Mr Big in the showers,
A man who wears pajamas that are covered in flowers.
Chorus x2
Some of you people have never felt the need,
Some of you people have never smoked weed.
Spreading the word and sowing the seed
I'll come to your house with cider and speed.
(?) Got a week in T-pow and greeted with silence (?)
But that's because I was in for domestic violence,
Had to do a bit of community workshop,
So I laid down some beats and done some Newport Hip-hop.
I loves beatings, I loves to fight.
Sometimes I get locked up for the night.
The Five-0 said like the GLC tune,
When they let me out, I went for a greasy spoon.
Two hats when down for a plastic bag,
That was full of sex mags that P-Xain had.
Made him self with a Polaroid camera,
And illegal access to a 6 foot black mamba.
I swiped out in court for doing an assault
I blamed on the devil and the occult
The voices in my head to me to do a beating
I got community service fixing central heating.
He got a letter from the DSS the other day,
He opened and read it and said "fcukin no way"
The busted him for being far to clever,
Pictured him going to court, he said "never".
I got done for trying to rob a Spar
Instead of selling drugs down Newport Fish Bar(2)
I got locked in the cell with a bloke called Dell
He tried to touch my cock and my gold chain as well
Going down town with my mate Bone Thugs
Got a move fast and score some drugs
Got fifty quid to spend on the draw
But I might get pissed and spend 20 on a whore.
Designed to hurt you, I've got a new invention
Like Roger Taylors hair my legs create some tention
Some of you know me, some don't have a clue,
I got eight shellsuits and my fravorit is blue.
Chorus x2 with voice over
(you knows it)
(GLC style)
(Goldie lookin chain)
(Safe as fcuk)
(You Knows it)
Fcukin razzle dazzle for the year 2000 plus 2.
If the chain be gold looks wicked in the mirror man
Fcuking safe as fcuk man
You can nick anything man, serious like from the Wyvale garden center

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