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Текст и слова песни Gonzoe – Hit em Hard

[Gonzoe] (talkin)
Hit em! hahahahaha (smoke being blown)
Ughhh! Razing sick Ughhh! Bitch!
Hit em, we're watching you (hit em), hit em,
(we're watching you nigga) hit em, hit em
Savage, aaahhhhh!

[Verse 1 - Gonzoe]
Mass control, I pass your soul
We all worth some doe
Sippin' on gold
Spend a little get more (ahh)
Forever happy, what have we
Maxed with cavy
Risky Ritzy forever she burns
House keys care-free (ahh)
Nobody scares me
Where the players be?
Gettin money like me rarely
I did it cause you dared me
Now speak on it (what?)
You ain't no match for me nigga, so teach on it
And make em listen (ahh)
Full blown warfare headin' in your direction
All that was not to do was taught by you (ugh)
So I just threw my crew, ya brand new (ugh)
Hit em where it hurts and bump em with their crew
Every game got rules
Expect em, choose
My next move
Stand strong, get leverage, and press them fools
And that's that (what)
Pick it up put it down
Never look back
My insides comin out because of this rap (my name...)

[Chorus - Prince Ital Joe]
Some of them are busta
Some of them are fraud
That's why I'mma hit em hard
Enough of them are busta
Some of them are fraud
Might as well hit em hard (hit em)
Hit em hard, hit em hard cause the plot, hit em hard
Them are fraud, hit em hard (hit em)
Hit em hard cause the plot, hit em hard (hit em) good lord (hit em)

[Verse 2 - Gonzoe]
Everything slow-motion but it's moving so fast
Right here by the ocean and the palm trees
These L.A. streets, concrete philosophy (what)
Raised me and rottened me
For every tear and broken bone I suffer
Bro's another road for me to walk on, it made me tougher
Now I keep breathing, holdin' guns for years nigga, till we even
Plus, I shoot up the cop car (ugh) before ya hit the precinct (ugh)
Razing; bow down, kiss my ring
Blazing; because real niggaz do real things
And live dangerous, bang them bricks, keep secrets
If they crop and question us, who the thief is
I'll find you and put the rumor where ya teeth is (don't ask don't know)
Bust yo brain so I can see what ya thinkin'
Nigga, it's young ritz-ell
And I could distinguish the bomb from the fake by the smell


[Milford McDonald]
When we be buckin'
Hittin niggaz up when we comin
No lovin, got y'all duckin and we ain't said nothin
Fuck y'all niggaz who be always feelin' our songs
Nigga, get your thug on

[Verse 3 - Gonzoe]
Who broke, now you're bullshit
I make hits, and sail the blue seas with yacht full of rits
And if there was a fifth nigga, we'd all be drunk
Peacin' up on a bunk when one glock to get it clunk
For the nigga that act obsessed
And a scream with pash
So fuck clad, bettin on the six sec
Ready to mash
Down hold a nine
I'm still in here tryin not to get caught
Flippin' every narcotic that I'm on
And P, all ya soldiers on your feet
On the brink with these crazy thugs we're not think
Well fuck that, instincts survive
Six seven, sixteen lives
Bitch shut up and drive
This is...


[Verse 4 - Prince Ital Joe]
Little ax court
Big tree (uh-huh)
If you don't believe me just come and see (uh-huh)
Little Gonzoe D O double G (yes)
He might have donned the top celebrity (we hit em)
We bite em off, invade ya privacy
Run the country and roll the territory
Lose your girlfriend Gonzoe, I'll see
In out the hotel she's coming like L
Your heart is broken you lose great shell
Ding dong, no more wedding bell


[Gonzoe] (talking)
Niggaz strapped
And I'm known for that
I hit em! nigga
Yo, we like... G money
Y'all niggaz is fuckin invisible cause ya dropped

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