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Текст и слова песни Heltah Skeltah – Operation Lockdown (Radio Edit)


Ruck and Rock, taking you up a notch higher

I mean, it was cool aht first yunno
Rapping bout nuhthing
Buht then like whut happened wuz
[B.C.C.] The people they started to say tings that make sense
[B.C.C.] I wuz like "Get that outta here!"
[B.C.C.] It's crazy to me man
[B.C.C.] I'm reading them yunno
[B.C.C.] They wear the funny clothes
[B.C.C.] The versace that you put on the spaghetti
[B.C.C.] For real, I don't even know how it start

[Verse One: Rock, Ruck]

It went down like this, one little snuck through the door
Peeped the scene, sniped a few, then crept through with two more
Heads were gettin nervous, that's three now they wanna break North
Too late -- five more tore the door straight the f--- off
It's on now; gettin down in the trenches
Eight soldiers gettin in mo' ass than splinters on raggedy benches
Since it's war, ain't s--- sweet this Clique
disperse and then they transform to chess pieces

On fake grounds never spare clowns
Ruck and Rock be the rooks hold the square down
Are you prepared now I tear down, any opponent who similies
Styles buckwild meanwhile your ass I obliterate
Demonstrate, tactics you need practice
First of all your monkey rhyme like you're backwards
I should smash kids, when they try to get beyond
limits, timid, but they could never get with Sean (say word)
Dat's word, Sean don't give a
Whatevah then they got who're snakes that slither (hisssss)
And if ya, wanna come test the inflixter
I got your name number address plus your picture


This is the B.C.C., N Double D
In the Ninety-Now we lock it down
This is the B.C.C., N Double D
In the Ninety-Now we lock it down

[Verse Two: Ruck, Rock]

Peep my words, yes my heavenly words, word
that get locked up in seventy-third
Prefer to chill, but the Sun can't do that
Due to my temperature tempted to bring it where your crew's at
You lack with the skills that it takes to make
ends meet cause it seems that your is weak
My occupation's, Operation, Lockdown
On your radio station whoever got the hot sound

Who wan tess y'all?
Mr. Mall-Doo, a.k.a. Rock-Ness y'all
Guard your chest y'all
Nothing can protect y'all
From Buckshot on down to the rest y'all
We runnin through your set y'all
F- the rest y'all, we be the best y'all
Yesh yesh y'all
I crack backs North South East and West y'all
We know fresh y'all
I did do I guess y'all
I didn't say I doesn't indeed sex I never measure
Ready to wet y'all
Place your bottom dollar bets y'all
Chest will become messed bored if you flex y'all
Nevertheless y'all
We out to save the before it's dead y'all
Lock it down with the full court press y'all

[Chorus: x2]

Ha ha ha haaa
This is the year, the Ninety Now
On with the flows, conversations over beats
Do not touch microphones
I repeat, do not touch microphones
This concludes our exodus
Eight men are moving in the Ninety Now
Very hazardous to your health
And that's my B.C.C. show you how
you can get with the s- that we got
Heltah Skeltah
The rook the rook the Ruck the Rock man
we keep s- locked down
Kid, duck down
Lock it down lock it down
Operation Lockdown
Lock it down lock it down
Locked down
The weak do not stand a chance
This I promise you

[Chorus x2]

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