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Текст и слова песни Insight – Bother Me

Yo kids, you bother me
Calling my spot at three
When everyone else is sleeping you be watching TV
Playing games till the morning, I know you hear me snoring
Have you any shame knocking at my door yawning?
Said you met a lady at a club last night
Plus you came to bother me to make a dub of the fight
You bugging right? You alright?
Yo I'm trying to sleep creep
Then you asked for water and a bite to your kids
Kid, you bother me
This ain’t store twenty four
You dropped your keys on the floor before I shut the door
And rung the doorbell
I knew that it was you and ignored
And when I heard the window tapping my mouth hit the floor
Son was like I lost my keys to my car and my house
And can I make a long distance call to my spouse?
Man, you bother me!

You bother me

I was holding on the phone getting some credit resolved
And got a beep "operator, you have a collect call"
I clicked back over no I didn't accept y'all
Though got disconnected but I’m still not upset
When I hit the dial tone my boy was already there
He said his car broke down on rout one in Revere
I know I owed him a favor I'll go to give him a jump
I got there, it turns out he needed a new fuel pump
And he's calling all his buddies if its money they owe
So he's bugging you for money too he needed some dough
I got a bill from a long distance call he made
For $64.27 that he thought he had paid
Anyways, I dropped him off but he forgot his coat
He called my job said in the pocket was rhymes that he wrote
A bottle of Visine his employee ID
Said he'd pass by between nine and three
Son you bother me!

You bother me

I had a long day and now it's time to relax
When my head hit the pillow I heard a noise outback
There were tenants right below me who were trying to unpack
Knocked the door and needed help because the banister cracked
Plus the dresser was stuck "do you have some rope
that you could grab while I go into the van?" I said "nope"
Because you bother me for real yes I needed some rest
See my eyes are turning red and yo I'm not even dressed
So I walked upstairs and put some earplugs on
Then closed my eyes shut but no not for long
'Cause the bed vibrated when the furniture banged
Around the stairs right below in a curvature span
The phone rang so I let it ring then after the beep
Homeboy was like if you there pick up it's me
So I unplugged the cord and turned on the television
Brother showed up on every channel I was switching
You bother me!

You bother me

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