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Текст и слова песни J-Zone – A Friendly Game Of Basketball

Aiiyo, straight up
I'm sick of watchin' all y'all rappers and actors
On MTV Cribs playin' basketball at ya house
I'm sick of watchin' y'all mess up Celebrity All-Star Weekend
Ya non lay up makin' motherfuckers, y'all suck

I'll bust all y'all asses one on one
We'll play to eleven, I'll spot ya five points
And I'll still serve that ass
This J-Zone talkin' to you boy, come on

Now that every ball player wanna rap and every rapper wanna ball
I'm talkin' shit one on one, I drop a dime on 'em all
Look I make records but when I get time ballin' is my hobby
Ball playin' rap dudes, none of y'all can stop me

Bow wow's got game but he's five foot three
Nice crossover dog, try that jive on me
Might need a little backup to hang with me
Fuck that, two on one call Jermaine Dupri

Call Kriss Kross too, all four of y'all in
You're gonna have to do more than Jump Jump to win
Ice Cube, I love his work but on a court ain't nothin' poppin'
When my jump shot droppin' I be like steady mobbin'

Four, five niggaz in a mother ship
Cube, take it to the rappin' bring the Jeri curl back
Timberlake is the man for flashin' Janet's tits
But his hoop game is so weak, even Magic can't assist

I saw Nelly playin' ball but his game was sturrr
One on one you wanna ball, we can ball right thurrr
Heard Latifah played in high school and she wanted state
Huh, I still swat a girl shot, I don't discriminate

Master P is a No Limit soldier
But I got the old maid crossover, 'bout it, 'bout it
Don't get it wrong I love P but I'ma take him to the lane
We can even have Pen & Pixel sponsor the game

Snoop Dogg wanna ball, we can do that for shizzle
Hit a jump on at his grill on Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
All you stars wanna be T-Mac, y'all got one thing in common
None of y'all wanna face the zone

Ball players wanna rap, rappers wanna ball
Make my day, I'm laughin' at 'em all
I'm just out to get fame so if I'm dissin' ya game
I'm just lookin' for attention by callin' ya name

Aiiyo, Kobe don't think I forgot about you dog
Up there rappin' with Brian McKnight and shit, it's all good
'Cause I'm tryin' out for the motherfuckin' league
And I'm gettin' me a spot

Now and for all these NBA dudes can make CDs
I can get up in the NBA and make some cheese
Even versus the Lakers my game don't stop
You don't believe, get me one on one with Rick Fox

And when my jump shot's on Rick, come and get with me
Don't try to play tough, I ain't dumb Christy
Even Chris Webber don't stand a chance
I cross him up, fuck up his bad knee
And put him in the ambulance, see ya

Just give me a meeting with David Stern
Get my ass to this camp and these players gon' learn
I can beat the Portland Blazers, believe that
'Cause when we playin' I'll just ask 'em yo, where the weed at?
And they be like fuck the game, pass the joint
And I'll win by forfeit, while they keep puffin'

Everybody gon' trip out and say that I'm buggin'
Nawh, I'm just kiddin' but I'm up for this challenge
Celebrity All-Star 2005, hook me up and let the zone get live
Do I really got game? I don't know, come and test me
But make sure it's televised so I can sell some records

Ball players wanna rap, rappers wanna ball
Make my day, I'm laughin' at 'em all
I'm just out to get fame so if I'm dissin' ya game
I'm just lookin' for attention by callin' ya name

Yo, some of y'all probably wanna know if I really can play
Or if I'm just talkin' shit, I won't lie
I drop more bricks than Co-Op City
But you know what, I still look pretty while I do it

And I'll still serve half of these rappin' movie dudes
And I'll do it in golf shoes, we'll play to eleven
I'll spot ya five points and I'll still win, Celebrity All-Star 2005
J-Zone, baby, game over, bitch

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