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Текст и слова песни Kaywhy – The New Anthem

This goes out to all my educated gangstas, gangstas, gangstas, gangstas
This that's shit for all the gangstas, gangstas, gangstas, gangstas
This goes out to all my educated gangstas, gangstas, gangstas, gangstas
This anthem for all the educated gangstas, gangstas, gangstas, gangstas.

[Verse 1:]
It's a brand new era, you can tell by the cap
It s a brand new era, you can tell by the rap
Excuse me, I mean hip hop, my ticket to the fame
Only thing that comes close is my ticket for that plane
To LA, I moved from M-A- double S
A-C-H-U-ES-double T- and S
The 413 was kinda boring, see
So I came to the land of dreams and opportunities
To do the thing,
Fulfill my music and my movie dreams
Know what I mean
Land of studios and bougie things
Know what I mean
It's So cool I had to do repeats
What I'm about?
7 dollars in my account
It's kinda sad, I can't draw nothing out
I'm-Broke as fuck
So I'm flowin in some holy chucks
Workin sucks
So I wrote this song to gross some bucks
Got u this far so I guess I growed your trust

[Verse 2:]
The bass drum goes BAM!
The beat goes SLAM
Ya heart starts pounding
And ya feet go dance
We livin in the rhythm
It's a real chillin prison
Caught up in the net
The shits a big system
Caught up in the moment
Hope is your opponent
Hope is her name and you been bonin for a moment
Ya relationship is goin
Cause u be spacin—zonin
Career's on ya mind all the time
Breaks you, don't it?
You try to fix it, but the vibe's slightly different
Try to open up her eyes
And she's like "who is it"
I'm like "it's me" "k-y-l-e",
Don't call me kaywhy, like you don't love me
Like u don't know me
Like u my homie
But I guess we better end it if you don't want me
Since June of '03
My attempt to roam free
Really started writing,
My pen and only me.

[Verse 3:]
So come on let's live it up-ay!
Fill ya cup-ay!
Get ripped like you don't give a fuck-ay!
Yea it's Sund-ay!
Tomorrows mond-ay!
You got work be we still getting drunk-ay!
Wise man once gave me some knowledge
Enjoy ya young life, make ya way to college
So I went -so I went -so I went-so I went money spent
Part for books, rent, and getting bent
Ideas elevated, I was hella faded
Universi-ty made my rhymes educated.
And when I say ganstas, don't mean gang bangers
I'm talking bout the ones who see the need for changes
Cause the game is
So contagious
Everybody raps
And it all sounds the same, but
I made this beat, so tell me what you think
I kinda liked it so I had to bless it with the speech.

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