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Текст и слова песни Aesop Rock – Hold The Cup

Verse One:

And the saints come marching in
Serpentine regime ordered by response sort of fell this population
Caboose humming no fence me in a van with common patriots
The parody plastered every red brick in site
Where had to keep his plights from ticking
I'm slipping my key and whim dim by dirty tap water and that
Roach on my ceiling circular fins round a bed of pushpins
Let's connect the thrill of volume to a flat earth
J-walkin a hook the past just passed the mere dragon bandwagon passages
I'm sorry, we've never met, my name is driftwood
Thanks friend, good looking, I'll never see you again
Feeding frenzy, catfish stomach, empty oceans
Spangled in hooks dangle by anglers off the plank of burning books
And if you're, not gonna eat that
Kill joy inherited by spirits lacking harnesses
Merchant, Goliath dipped in slip shy posture conceived evening
So I feed idea turn sun dial to bastards son adopt the reroute dreaming
Oh I'll ride the plain bow in flare gully yellow rain coat
Heard a harp but sunny ways my lifeline searching for the same note
Oh please, I know butterfly wings ain't fit to auction
Dig my tossing sturdy walking head hung
Skylark litigants strung out like cats straight up participants
I am the triant diaries of a low life siphon through that vein
Anti-diligence movement, here the hunger habitat
Working class trash raped where racist hit their high
I spy a toddler on the corner with her bubbles and her dipstick
I witness the fusion of her breath and her amusement
And it killed me and it stabbed me and it cut me clear open
The notion that this child timid in her sins embraced pleasure
Within a token of a moment, retless arrested but not a twirp
Strip the Bonabo Disclosure, so close yet so much closer
I'll take the hint but still she's never known cold
Call me in twenty when those bubbles explode it's like that

Verse Two:

Back to back to back to stacking a brick match
With the fact that I've sipped the dripping sap tap
Casually out the limbs of captivated blends back
Tracking the patterns that trim friends to thinning savages
Take one down, pass it round among us
Lick a tipper drink, drink, drunk, drunk, and drunkest
But you quest tore your floorboards and the carpet turned marbles
Naw the carpet turned charcoals and made skeletons of warlords
Snake charmer, hate farmer, gave you the rations
With an eyedropper a poison passions hoist above the masses
And interrupts homeostasis seeming flow scapes
Like a symmetric snow flake visits and with her symmetry blizzards
I'm sleepy, one wing more and I promise to pay homage
To those who stand truly deserving and the list ain't long
Sink or swim, ravalor ascension
Even birds of our combines float if you let them
They'll be dodging more than quiddles when the bowel breaks
Note the affiction slip clip to your little visions into cloud shapes
Oh my left hand is a brick layer my right hand is a plow face
We build and destroy in response to every sound the crowd makes
Sling blanks sprayed it with apathy magic balance
On the palette of the almighty for painting the first half of me
Honor find it with monster mashing in text casually
On the palette of the almighty to paint the second fraction
I'm collapsed under the relic rainbow with seven sepriet
Succulent aqua marines hide the in by sweetest elixir
Star heckler and leaders start gawking at yet another
Real conceived green fetus beating parallel sterile fixture
Urgent, the serge is like venom and over kill, kill, kill, kill
The over spilled theory's all faucet
For real, how many leaves your clover got? Mine's got eight
Three for normalcy one for luck four more so you'll spot it from space

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