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Текст и слова песни Afu-Ra – 1,2,3

[Intro: Afu-Ra]
Yeah, that's how I put it on, put it on
That's right, that's how I put it on, put it on
Yeah, that's how we put it on, put it on
Watch out, how I put it on, put it on

Mother, you watered me from a seedling
So I can spread through my roots, the comforter bring
On the hot summer days, my shade, my ice lemonade
The blistering frost, you fought to kept the chill off
My chest, yeah, I guess I gotta get it off
I can never remember our lights, being turned off
The look in your eyes, and nurture just like the sun rise
Preppin' the table, to take it to another level
Open a box of tools, for dodgin' the devil
My only emma's an emma, and I love her
Times and tricks, as I pick up the sticks
Blend 'em a mix, my mother to me, she is a gift
Switch in to the middle lane, I kept one frame of mind
I grew from up dirt, all at the same time
Mind, over matter, for sure
We live together, forever, so stay together

[Chorus x2: Afu-Ra]
Who, loves you better
Your mother, wife or daughter
That's how I put it on, put it
That's right, that's how I put it on, put it on

Queen, from the first moment I saw you
Thinkin' of the ways, and freaks, that didn't up on you
I didn't have a clue, gravity pulled me to you
Times bringin' by, guess I just flew with you
That's the 1 with the 2, and I loved being glued to you
My whole stories, benched, wait straight, lay for you
And I wanna give it up, and say I love you to
With a hun, boo, who, or buttercup, your bath with what?
I'm lickin' it up, no beef? Nah, cause she don't want the drama
I'm proud to lay in bed with her, under my armor
If you are Nefertiti, I am an dentured farmer
Self realization, to endure that time
And allow us, and enjoy the blast
I see the queen, with the gleam, like no other queen
I write it, then spit it, so you know what I mean

[Chorus x2]

When you pop the vagina, water in my eyes
Your squirms, your wiggles, water in my eyes
Every turn, every, to ta-ta-ta, tustle
Movin' couples of muscles, tryin' to hurt something
But the only thing seeked, is life
A site for sore eyes, despite the demise
I was and all, I helped them what bringin' it forth
Here, two-four, I saw a vision, and said the gate was open
But the mix so didn't through, to got to wheel it open
Straight click the umbilical, without a syllable
Trained by what, yo, man in the middle
As it dump off, I let it, let it, let it bump off
Now let me tell you about something, burst then jump off

[Chorus x4]

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