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Текст и слова песни Lil Boosie – Someone Knew

(verse 1)
In my own state of mind
Sittin here all alone
Thinkin bout the lady of mine
Damn i did her wrong
all the things that i promised to her
how can i turn ar
so i just want to tell ya baby
if you ever leave me
i gotta a leave you in my heart
that aint gon never leave me
at times i use to treat you like you just another hoe
but we would both always know that you deserved mo'
i know you did yo life for me
baby i aint lying, im genuwine
and ive been feeling that the whole time
so check this out, if you should ever find a new dude
dont you go and forget a thang that i told you
like you the one, and everythang come before you
and i aint been runnin no game this the whole truth...boo
chrous x2
if you should ever find someone knew
know he better be good to you
(verse 2)
[??] where my home at
on the real i cant see you with another cat
the way i feel, like dont a thang come above you
make me feel i cant let another man love you
boo i hate to see another man stare at you
let alone let another man have you
but you already know that i aint sad [?]
dont wanna let you go but shit im prepared to
but if i had a choice i wouldnt be without you
i know you know that i would rather be beside you
hand in hand every step so i can guide you
and i know you can tell it but im inside you
the reason we aint always seein eye to eye boo
cuz i aint one of those guys who gon lie to you
if you slip up and let another man blide you
make sure nothing but the best that he provides you
oh yeah
chrous x2
(verse 3)
you going to somebody else i aint tryin see it
but knowing that i gave you so many reasons to leave me
i can already see it, and all the trust that we had here
after years and years i never thought it all dissapear
but all my secrets have not been revealed
its over now, and i think if we both try it can be rebuild
but if not, i aint trippin here
im still your nigga, if you ever need love you can get it here
and it dont matter what he done to ya
you got a problem you just holla and you watch how fast i run to ya
no matter where you at im comin to ya
just look over your shoulders for me
yo, this soldier i aint far from ya
my life is full of dark nights you the star to me
and cant nobody else have you i already took you
but if shit doesnt go as planned...look here
chrous till fade

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