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Текст и слова песни Lil' O – Beg, Steal, And Borrow

(feat. Papa Reu)

[Lil' O talking]
Street life, see I've been trying to tell these kids
If you ain't live in these streets, stay the fuck away from these streets
You know I'm saying cause these streets is nothing to play with, you feel me
It's some real bullshit mentality out there you know what I'm saying
Everybody trying to get everybody, don't care how they get it
Don't care what they do to get it, as long as they get it, know what I'm saying
It's gone be the death of us

[Lil' O]
Hey, niggas in these streets ain't the same no more
They rob, steal and cheat it ain't a game no more
Your own friend'd hit you with the flames from the four
Get you for your stash, leave your brains on the floor
And really I don't want to slang caine no more
Cause snitching like it really ain't a thang no more
The minute they get caught man they sing like a hoe
Bring the feds to your house have them bang on your door
That's why I be alone I don't hang no more
See me one deep in a ten range ro'
Thinking through the years everthing changed loc
Cause now a little piece done fucked her for some change or some clothes
Street life mentality by any means get it
Even if a couple heads got it again split it
They don't even be ashamed they be like, yeah I did it
But did you feel bad, I was with it

[Chorus x2: Papa Reu]
Cause if I got to beg, steal and borrow to make it to tomorrow
I got to do what I got to, cause who is gonna feed me

[Lil' O]
It's every man for himself, everyone for the scrilla
Hunger turns monkeys to geurillas
Fear turn a coward to a killer
Paper turns ladies into whores
Coward just to dream to the poor
That's why they rob jinks in the stores
And make them lay down on the floor
That's why them boys kicked down your door
Looking for the safe and the raw
They shot you like it ain't against the law
What happened to the rules of the lord
Thou shall not kill, thou shall not rob
Thou shall not steal, but now they be like thou shall not chill
When thou gets his hands on about a couple mill
Man, it's real in these streets
You got to be a soldier to deal with these streets
Act like a chump you be a meal in these streets
They be like, yeah I'm wrong, but I still go to eat, for real cause

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' O]
We need to pray to christ, the devil got our soul
And we all pay the price
How many boys you know got slayed over dice
Cause praying in the streets for a chain full of ice
It's the end of the world
And I ain't got a quarter to lend to a girl
But they ain't even tripping, they selling they tail
By these other hoes boost suppose to get them some mail
But room out of freaks nigga tell them theyself
Cause I know everybody trying to get them some wealth
But the route that they going gone get them to hell
Niggas always got the plan, but the plan always fails
And we always end up dead or in jail
Imagine years for the rest of your life you got to live in a cell
That'll make you stop living for real
It's now niggas doing time on the throw when they get in the chair
I tried to warn them but they say they don'y care, cause

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' O talking]
Let me tell you something, all that about your my partners
They love me and give me a dollar
if they love me let me tell you something kids
You niggas don't give a fuck about me, you know what I'm saying
You don't go the streets to find love
cause all you gonna find in the streets is hate
Know what I'm saying, your g's is loving you, your parents loving you
You feel what I'm saying, your family loving you
That's the people that love you man
These niggas in the streets will slit your throat boy
get on your note I'm telling you something real, you hear what I'm saying
It's some beg, steal or borrow mentality it's every man for himself
If they feel they can come up on you and get away with it
Don't think that they won't do it boy, you know what I'm saying
People care for real, game, that's game

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