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Текст и слова песни Lil' O – Do You Think About Me

(feat. Rachel)

See when you're gone, and I'm alone
It would be nice, if you picked up the phone and call me
Cause you got me wondering

[Hook x2: Rachel]
Do you think about me, remember me
Cause I was there for you, remember me
Cause I took care of you, remember me
But do you think about me, remember me

[Lil' O]
Lil' mama you can't forget, what's on the top of your list
Even though I know you feel, like you ain't off in the mix
Because I'm gone never home, always off in the mix
Leaving you in need of love, and all you want is a kiss
And I ain't there, to give you what you need
It ain't fair, that your man out there chasing greed
Plus all the years of the tears, that you shed for me
And nightmares, that you have of penitentiaries
Hoping, that ain't meant for me
Cause you were sent to me, to show me what life is
To teach me that I'm blessed, whether balling or ices
My pretty black queen, you my beautiful Isis
We need do' to live, but our love is priceless
Stuck with me through the crisis, but now it's crunch time
But if you stay down, boo I promise this one time
Just stay through the rain, and I'ma give you the sunshine
And you ain't gotta ask, boo know that I love mine

[Hook x2: Rachel]

You manipulated me with money, cause that's what I love
When plexed with all my enemies, now what the fuck
You got head from my friend, and I'm cool with the hoe
And she running around saying, that she blew Lil' O
You hurt me some mo' I won't lie, down to make the first crime
For all the times you broke my heart, had me wanting to die
I had thoughts of leaving you, and I wanted to try
But the low self-esteem, wouldn't let me say bye
You had me on lock, right banging some new cock
I don't understand, I was making that pussy pop
That ain't all, cause for three years I watched you ball
Seen you get it and split it, and give the game your all
But it's cool, cause love breaks all the rules
And I ain't tripping with you baby, cause you still my boo
I ain't mad at you, just know how to handle you
I'm still loving you, but you don't keep it real with me

[Hook x2: Rachel]

[Lil' O]
Ooh I'd love to just hug you, kiss you and chill
Lay you down on your back, baby give you your thrills
Put it on you real good, ask you how do it feel
But it's hard to feel real, when you can't pay your bills
So sweetie let me make a meal, the best way that I can
Cause when you win I feel broke, I feel like less of a man
To ease your pain, always know I'm trying the best that I can
Struggles part of God testing a man, I won't lose
He's saying you or dome, lil' mama I won't choose
Cause if I lose either, lil' mama Lil' O lose
Just let me stay focused, like how I'm 'pose to
And know in your heart deep down, I want you
To share, everything I have
Cause a queen, on the side is what a king should have
These other hoes mean nothing, just some friends I had
That made me realize, that you the best thing I have

[Hook x2: Rachel]

Why don't you (remember me)
Oh why can't you (remember me)
I took care of you (remember me)
Oh, remember me (remember me)
Oh why don't you (remember me)
Oh why can't you (remember me)
I was there for you (remember me)
Oh remember me (remember me)

Oh remember me (remember me) [x5]

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