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Текст и слова песни One.Be.Lo – Deceptacons

Some things change, some things stay the same
Feelings, desires, beliefs, opinions
Some things change, some things stay the same
Rules, laws, control, position
Some things change, some things stay the same
Fame, fortune, fashion, trends
Some things change, some things stay the same
People, problems, relations, friends

Okay, some things change, some things stay the same
I once knew this kid who was caught up in the game (how? )
His wallet and his chain was the promise in his brain
20 inch speakers, amps got his wattage and his range
Smooth operator, player rockin with the 'caine
Fiends hollerin his name (go Lo) got his product in they veins (go Lo)
He said - "Livin clean only get you simple things"
So he balanced triple beams, now the block is feelin flames
Hot enough to make the Devil cop a lemonade
Cops poppin out a shade, now the spot is gettin +Raid+
Like roaches, night approach us, gotta get away
Quicksand, snitch ran to the cops to give his name
Picture his wife and kids not up in the frames
Stay dry, get wet, the only option's in the rain (drippin)
Impossible to maintain, momma so ashamed
Good Lord, granddaddy probably tossin in his grave

[Chorus] - fades out halfway

[over Chorus]
Yeahhh boy!
What goes up, must come down!
Don't believe the hype, knah'msayin?
Here we go again

You get caught up in that everyday cycle, you might go psycho
Especially if you don't know what I know
My chords on the vinyl give you more than recital
And every situation we adapt for +survival+
+The fittest+, exercise mind, body, spirit
For the first place category mandatory finish
Cause only the strong get it, my lungs long-winded

In this race we call livin, can't fall victim
To the same old excuses (why not? )
That only mean your brain goin useless
We make a change for improvement
Every plan needs an execution
Every man needs an evolution
Oppressed lands need a revolution
The best solution for the problems in place
Empires fell flat on they face due to the change
You think it strange, my granddaddy would say
"That butterfly was a caterpillar back in the day" (okay)


We used to flock together, birds of the same feather
Shared the same clothes, same hoes, same treasure
When everything was fair, everybody gained pleasure
But everything changed when came the rain weather
Whatever, for unexpected shit like that
I keep an umbrella just in case it get like that
You was the cat, who used to smile up in my face
Come up in my place, in the 'fridgerator stuffin your face
Stuck in your ways, somethin was strange
I shoulda known you was nothin but +snake+
The way you used to +rattle+ on about yourself
It was all about you, what could I do?
I was just like - nah, I was nothin like you
See I was real, you was the cat that used to front
First time you did that shit behind my back, so what?
Second time I had a problem with yourself, hold up
Third time we had to talk, I was like WHAT THE FUCK
Is this? It used to be a friendship
Then this Decepticon +Transformed+ into a Benedict
I can't think of no other reason
Other than the fact that you was jealous of the life that I was leadin
Tryin to deceive me, you only deceive you
What you thought was invisible was only see-through
I used to love you like you came out my own mother
But the man behind the mask could never be my brother

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