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Текст и слова песни Pimp C – On Your Mind

(feat. Jagged Edge, Big Zak, Ali & Gipp)

"Yeah girl, you know what it is" (whoa!)
"Yeah girl, you know what it is" (whoa!)
"Yeah girl, you know what it is" (whoa!)
"You know what it is (whoa!), you know what it is" (whoa!) [x2]

[Jazze Pha:]
Ladies and Gentlemen!
You are now tuned into the best!
Uh! It's Jazze Fizzle! The return of Sweet Jones!
Hey! Pimp C! Yeah!
UGK baby.. Gipp & Ali.. Big Zak!
Fizzle, Fizzle! Sho' Nuff! Sing it Jagged!

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
I know you gotta man at home (at home)
Don't go and do nothin crazy
You ain't gotta make a move
Baby, let me put this on your mind!
I know you gotta man at home (at home!)
But think about this here for later (later!)
You ain't gotta make a move
Baby, let me put this on your mind!
Let me put this, let me put this
Let me put this on your mind!

[Pimp C:]
Uh.. Sweet Jones.. Uh! Get down girl, just like Pharrell sizzaid
"Cheat on ya man ma, that's how you get ahizzhead"
I ain't tryna lock ya down and take ya time (take ya time)
I'm just tryna put this dick off in ya mind (mind)
Go hit ya spine like a Viking supposed to
Keep ya nigga in ya life or let a young nigga mold you
We stayin prayed of paper, the ammunition for the devil
Getting our blessings, goin to that other level (level)
Bet these niggaz can't get it, can't see
Can't touch it, can't read, 'cause them niggaz ain't me
And girl I don't dream, everythang come true
These hoes tryna choose me, but bitch I'm tryna fuck wit'chu
(I'm tryna fuck wit'chu!)


[Big Zak:]
She gotta nigga at home? Of course you do
'Cause if ya didn't, I'd think somethin was wrong wit'chu
I can't see a nigga splitting up, divorcing you
You hot like cayenne, proportion you
Now image is everythang, time is money
Let me beat right quick and skeet on yo' tummy
Chill up a shot of Patron, roll a blunt of the kush
I'm kinda old school, still like hair on the puss
Now he's yo' provider, pays the bills
And me? I provide dick hard as steel
For my last birthday she arranged a ménage
And graduated from the drive-way to the garage


Yeah, it's ya boy Ali Jones, rock on! Yeah...
Now you can catch me sippin somethin with a cork in a bottle
Smokin bad on that purp or the fourth with a model
I don't party much, when I do I blow through it
I confess, I talk about it more than I do it (ooohhhwwweee!)
I'm the vacation type, white ostrich Bugatti
On the beach with a young Chevy Belle Afonte
No P.O., no court, no glock
Bought these mainly, fresh purr, no socks

Gipp rollin in a candy Jeep G-50
On the weekend it's the LS 460
Overseas, steering wheel on the right side
and you wouldn't believe that that's a seven forty-five
Where you goin? What it is? What's ya name?
ESP jeans and hardly true religion on her man (hey!)
Tryna fill corners, make some more chips
Drive a few whips, old school chrome lips
Flown through the park, dippin downtown
Four-door Cruiser with the top break down (down!)
Floors and the walls all oak on the private coach
And we all gon' let it burn on the "Love Boat"

[Chorus: w/ variations]

[Jazze Pha:]
Pimp C, UGK for life man!
That's my nigga right there!
Fo' shizzle, dizzle! Back on the streets, Daddy!
The Pimpalation man! Right here, live in person man!
Fenzel Washington, it's Pimpin in Motion man!
P.I.M.... you undersmell that?
Yeah, we doin it real big man!
Jazze Pha, Pimp C, Jagged Edge, Big Zak, Gipp & Ali
Whoa boy! Masterly coordinated!


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