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Текст и слова песни Rottin Razkals – Oh Yeah

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[ Fam ]
What's the problem, Officer? I ain't be did nothin
You on my back sweatin me like I'm some kid frontin
I'm tryin to do my thing, Ingle and Illtown sing
Double I's the thing, if you know what I mean
"What you do for a living, boy?," I mean I rock
Not sellin coke on the block, I had to stop
"What's your name?" - Fam
Damn yo, put a mic in my hand
This is as good as grand
I make you understand how I am
What I stand for and what it's worth
You see my life flash in front of yo face and think it's cursed

[ Diesel ]
I'm the soldier rarely seen from the block of 118
I'm a fanatic, can't help bein a hip-hop fiend
Embedded in my enzymes before I tipped my nine
At birth the world knew I was one of a kind
It's all about the music, that's all I know
That's all I heard growin up in E.O.
But yo, let's not dabble in the past
A look at what the future got in store, so I gotta watch my ass
Can my music be the saviour of my grace?
Cause you see reality written on my face
Just a taste of my flavor make you savor for more
Go from city to city, I check you out on the tour

[ all ]
Is you with me? Oh yeah!
We holdin fort, we ain't goin nowhere(2x)

[ Fam ]
I gots many, many, huh, concepts, that's much
In clutch grab my nuts, I'm nuts like 'deez nuts'
I got the touch, huh, I take my time when I do mine
It's done when I do mine, for fun when I do mine
It's mine, mine, all mine
The rhyme and the rhythm, I get it from the mind
And put it in the body and soul and then I roll
Steppin on my stroll, I got total control

[ Diesel ]
Hold up, boy, you're ready? Here it comes
Feel the bass from the drums as I expand lyrics from my lungs
I run lyrics so rapid to catch it you need a z
It's me from '19NaughtyIII', the Diesel MC

[ all ]
Is you with me? Oh yeah!
We holdin fort, we ain't goin nowhere(2x)

[ Fam ]
I said, 'Helloooo, everyboooodyyy'
I said, 'Helloooo, I'm from Ill-t-t-town-t-t-town-t-t-town'
I push the pedal to the metal and just gas on up
Keep a limp in my strut when I walk talkin much
Tell you what, huh, tell me what's really goin on?
Everything's the same, everywhere I go, come on
Go on, so forth and so on, I throw on
A brand new style while I freestyle, me and Lovechild
Reakin, what is it I'm seakin?
I'm always a little tipsy, rip, see, is how I gets busy

[ Diesel ]
Influencing your choice of your listening pleasure
Lyrics are more than a treasure, on wax to remain forever
Clever in my ways, I amaze audiences from the stage
Build up anger, releasin physical rage
Once the spotlight shines it captivated your mind
Eye contacts sendin chills up opponents' spines
This is my place of business, where I'm most relaxed
So many crews stepped up and them fools collapsed

[ all ]
Is you with me? Oh yeah!
We holdin fort, we ain't goin nowhere(4x)

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