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Текст и слова песни Ruff Ryders – Got It All - Featuring Eve And Jadakiss

Some people blonde peeps red benji something moving quickly
Out of town, how they gonna find her moving swiftly
5 steps ahead of the best, well that's nothing
20 steps ahead of the rest they left something
And I base not, want not, can't stand broads
Ridiculous niggas practice for the title 'hard'
Me, pick of the litter I was born to bubble y'all
Born to chain game, shit born to stand guard
Play games, you left nameless, fame ball
Promise that it's never painless, nigga be hard
Come and hope you can take the heat nigga, let's start
Strong as a stallion, babe you got a dog
And she feminine with pretty women friends, all dimes
Timberlands is how I like my men in all mines
Ruff Ryde, you nigga hard head soft spine
Pass the word, must have stacks to cross lines

Don't want your dough, I don't want your car
Don't want your jewels, no not at all
With them other broads you might rule it all
Not with me, sorry boo I got it all (x2)

A chick is a chick a nut is a nut
And they always keep an attitude until you butter them up
Since I ain't gotta buy you stuff
Who's gonna hold you down if they try to run in here and tie you up
Now don't start flippin it, everybody know
We been had dough, ya just started gettin it
Money might make you grown
But you still need a dog to take you home and make you moan
You ain't gotta see the bank for loans
All I do is party and bullshit like when Frank was home
And you got it all boo, I got it all too
A four, five, and a six, and they all blue
And I don't care what she thinks
If I offer you any ice love it'll be in a drink
And instead of talking about what you got and all that
Just make sure when I hit you, you call back

Chorus: (x2)

One touch will make a nigga blush on site
Grown men create a crush, nails they bite
It's a game, try to catch me, but only if you can
Takes a lot to impress the bombshell, don't want a man
And it ain't about the dough baby, Eve alright
'cause if Eve want to fly away, Eve take a flight
Eve hungry for a meal, baby Eve get a bite
Be nice and you might get to see your daddy's life

Ma, I'm glad that you got it all, more for me
And I don't gotta pay for the puss I score for free
And the same thing I pulled on them I pulled on you
C'mon now, how you think I pulled your crew
Got my own crib so you can't kick me out
I call one of your friends to come twist me out
If you know Jada- then you know what -Kiss be about
Just for fun I hit the bank and pull fifty out

Chorus (x3) (fade to end)

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