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Текст и слова песни Rza – Be A Man

{*sampled singer singing "Be a man"

and "bad situation man" throughout the song*


Yeah it's Bobby Digital
Just floatin over +The City+

I came across this, this, this black man

He was talkin about (look down below)

Sure of yourself risin, prices of food skyrisin

Foreign countries movin in USA, enterprisin

Snatchin your mic then speakin, while you might be leakin

Then losin the luxury, average man be seekin

Thought he was so smart; hoe's cheatin, life fall apart

Fuckin a hundred bitches couldn't mend a broken heart

Start as a soda jerk job, as a mail clerk

Fucked this white bitch in the office, got fired from work

Nine-to-five, government high taxes, police dispatches

Beauracatic attackin black Asiatics, resident with bad plumbin

Cocaine got my brain numb an' bitch complained 'bout cummin'

Pussy stay hummin; $200 parkin, summer's out of state warrants

High blood pressure pills prescribed by Dr. Lawrence

Got me gainin weight, fuckin up my right kidney
Cousin raped at school Allah wit me

Peoples' eyes closed like envelopes by folk membership
With unpaid doctor bills

Framed got shot and killed, cops poppin pills

Three pair cotton, steel closet, cabinet of +No Frills+
Mo' bills, sister got evicted from Park Hill

Punch a hole inside the NARC wheels
My dogs bark, still carry dark steel

And unmarked bills, I'm from the uncut, dope, found on director's reels

Bobby Digital may switch back to Bobby Steels
Rusty .38's, bought rust inside the herb gate

So +Hungry+, son, 'bout to shrink down to a bird's weight

Rash break out, where's the blue ointment, face-to-face appointments

Un-proudly in the church paid for annointment

Bet the checks don't come late
About to separate with her man

In +The City+, +Domestic Violence+ excavates
Get a highest ratio in five years

The idea is to plant fear
Boy you slap yo' bitch, po-lice is there to cuff you or snuff you

They might bust you

Cause your hoe snatched your money up, didn't want to fuck you

We must learn to communicate, and unificate
Stop the black on black, hate on hate

White on white, black on white

Put the love in love

I'm blunted up, blasted inside the strip club

Shorty wop, fifteen year old, all she needed was love

And mo' dough so she won't have to show her knotty afro

Collect call from my son to now, he might blow trial

Foul cut, and cop out to a 3 to 6

Bad situations, bein a man is hard shit

Somethin'll get trapped out, I mean, yo

Got crack fiends in spots with vaccine shots
Black teens drop out of high school, white teens sellin stock

With bonds they can't put their word on

20 years, shorty wop, pussy 'bout to swerve on

Up in the crib, new fridge, dead pig

Two kids, pawned this older cat who looked like Calvin Coolridge

But got splat in his back last year

Robbin' his jewel inside the diamond district

No one got convicted, heard they never found the biscuit

I'm booby trapped by the capitalists

Tryin to subsist, sometimes happiness is hot grits and catfish

Or a bowl of Cookie Crisp, I got harassed by this rookie bitch

Talkin' 'bout I couldn't put my feet on the fire hydrants

To tie my kicks, $50 ticket, 'bout to strike and picket

And shout at the City Hall, motherfuck the wicked

Too greedy, give to the needy, down on my luck

'bout to jab a ouija board, that's when Bobby Digi seen me

Said, "Yo son, don't stress out over no one, learn the slogan:
Knowledge is half the battle, that's one to grow on

And don't be counterfeit

It's a bad situation which bein a man, but we got to handle it"

Bad situation when you ain't bein a man

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