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Текст и слова песни S.V. – Escaping Propaganda

- [V.Speak.Intro:]

V: If you study propaganda, you will notice forms of hypnosis and psych techniques.
Never before has the mainstream media, paired with Propaganda,
Been such an enormous tool for Mind Control!

De - De - Despondex is intended as a treatment for the approximately
20 million americans who are insufferably cheery.

Why don't you let me fix you some of this new MoCocoa drink?
All natural cocoa beans from the upper slopes of Mount Nicaragua, no artificial sweeteners!

Ummm, Yeah!

Eat recycled food!
For a happier, healthier life!
Be kind & peaceful to eachother.
Eat recycled food!
Recycled food.
It's good for the environment & okay for you.

How are you gonna convince people that this war is real?
He says: ''By the media! The media can convince everybody it's real! ''

Be kind!

V: Obviously when you only have one side of the story and no means of finding the other side,
Which side will you choose?

You keep saying it over and over and over again... And eventually people believe it!

V: Propaganda: Slanting your minds towards what WE want!

- [Verse#1:]

I'm hearing the sirens of a lie!
Just can't justify the hypnotized...
Snap my fingers - Denied eyes!
A zombie nation, no one stops to show smiles.
Blind under propagandas paw!
Voluntarily gettin' eaten by City Lights jaws!
SHIT! Watch out man! FU', C-lose!
The street's a feast for the electronic foe!
Propaganda is a master ventriliquist!
You speak Coca-Cola, you fuckin' ignorant!
Escaping, light starts to follow in.
Like a black crow scouting you wherever you go!
Advertisements, formin' a grand light show!
You believe in, whatever they say they know...
Communism tellin' you ain't got no soul!
Speak to me truthfully! FUCK what you been told!

- [Break/Bridge#1:]

V: Alarm! Alarm!

Co-Co and repeat... We are Code Red!

V: Uugh! Ugh! What you lookin' at? Let me be! I'm not the one!
It was hi... It was him! It was not me.
Advertisements! The Media! Telling you Shit!
It ain't me... Leave me alone!
Don't fucking touch me! Don't Fucking touch me!

It's long been understood for hundreds of years, uh, that unless people are controlled...
Uh, They are going to challenge power!

- [Verse#2:]

Sensors caught me, tryin' to stay low.
Detected! Shhhh... They should not know!
I've escaped the hold, yet I'm in danger!
Cause I don't play the rules of the beholder!
Yet I see the truth, my eyes are open!
A revolution coming with a revelation!
A message so all you blinded can face it!
But first!
I wanna ask you some questions:
Who you think really commited 9/11?
Do you think Mao Zedongs cause was justice?
Do you think the Rockefellers are gentlemen?
Now do you think Bush is Super intelligent?
Do you think Psychiatry has cured any person?
You think the U.S. is controlled by the president?
You think the world is ignoring Sudan?
Now money & power comes first, that's the plan!

- [Break/Bridge#2:]

You're seeing a whole team of Psychiatrists aren't you?...

V: The mainstream media is controlled by Big time corporations as a tool to sell
ANY product or opinion for their advantage!

V.(Layered): Uah! The Media, Political, Governmental! It's all a plot.
Escaping Propaganda, Propaganda!
Deceive, you're trapped! Blinded! Blinded! Ha!
Do you see the truth? Ha, military operations, operations!
They planning... They takin' you down!
Ha, friends, foes... Come On!

V.(Layered): Propaganda has always been a tool of mind control!
Always and Only giving you one side of the story.
Supplying you with what they want You to believe.
That's Propaganda!

- [Climax/Verse#3:]

I ask you questions so you can realize!
Now open yo eyes! Look Up! They tellin' you lies...
Repetitive to those who think they invalid!
Consideration is in yo mind, change it!
I'm Escaping Propaganda, WILL YOU FOLLOW ME?
I'm here to shut down, a lot of machinery!
Ha! The green mist overwhelming my feet.
I'm breaking propaganda influence, Listen!
We, are not made up of flesh & bones!
Art, is something the brain can't behold.
You, have 30 Human Rights if you don't know!
Read, be able to state them stonecold.
You, have a freedom for dreams & hopes.
And you, are a Goddamn individual!
Don't let Propaganda tell you you're unable!
You! Are more capable than you really know!

- [Speak.Outro:]

Why not change to Camels for the next 30 days,
And see what a difference it makes in your smoking enjoyment!

See how Camels agree with your throat.
See how mild & good tasting a cigarette can be!

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