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Текст и слова песни Aus Rotten – Sexist Appeal

Saturated with sex stereotypes gender roles reinforce inferiority
Exploiting anatomy, exploiting sexuality, preying on insecurities
Force fed proper mannerisms, treated different from the date of birth
Raised as men's servants who should never question their own sense of worth

Conditioning children with anorexic plastic of 'perfect' feminine traits
Learning how to hide any blemishes, meeting standards men create
Painting flesh like painting a picture that subliminally suggests
To equally conditioned men that women are just there for sex
Striving to achieve the super model image the media project
Spending countless hours enhancing a look instead of self respect
Eating disorders insuring beauty and endangering health
When living life behind a mask you cant expect to know yourself
When women are taught one way to act and men are taught another
The ability to accept and tolerate is absent from each other
Without understanding or communication the result too often is
Bigotry by ignorance unintended prejudice
Any man that would treat a woman as property you keep
is nothing but an ignorant bigot that can only see skin deep
having a relationship of inequality, treating a woman as a possession
taking advantage of devotion using emotions as a weapon
violating another's personal rights as if they never mattered
every day that begins with this conditioning ends with another woman battered
taught how to act, taught how to think
taught how to feel, told by another gender
sexist appeal dehumanizes women molding an image
making the body more important then what the person is
taught to pretend, taught to please
taught to conceal, told that you must surrender
sexist appeal demoralizes men, distoriting their view
making the body the most important part to pursue
initiating a chase that relies on deception
hoping persistant efforts will overcome rejection
conditioned by images lusting for sex
haunting men's thoughts of who they'll bed next
taught how to act, taught how to think
taught how to feel, told by another gender
sexist appeal dehumanizes women by abusing sexuality
another person's body shouldn't be viewed as a trophy
taught to pretend, taught to please
taught how to feel, told that you must surrender
sexist appeal demoralizes men, encouraging rape
another persons body is never for anyone else to take
treating a fellow person without any respect
condemning behavior as if the woman asked for it
society's distorted our judgement with what they suggest
why take no for an answer when no really means yes

[Woman's part]
we've heard it all so many times before
stop treating women like some trashy cheap whore
or a virgin that must lead to a sterile life
a surrogate mother under the disguise of the word wife
they make the rules but yet they don't play fair
forcing sexual stereotypes that make us all aware
of every single one of our failures in the eyes of society
telling me that I'm not quite what I'm supposed to be
I'm not married with two children or single with a career
I'm not drowning in some mortagage or living in financial fear
I don't cower as I walk home all alone throughout the streets
I refuse to be treated like a piece of trumped up meat
I turn away from the billboards that extol the latest fad
Of looking like a junkie in the Calvin Klein ad
Now its time to get beyond all of our rage and pointing fingers
To see through the lies no matter how much it lingers

[Man's part]
As long as I can remember ive been a victim of mans lies
And in turn ive victimized women through ignorant naive eyes
When overlooking personality in the person im seeing
Then my attraction becomes the exploitation of another human being
In my heart I know equality but conditioning affects my brain
So without complete understanding oppression will remain
For as enlightened as I may consider myself I still have much to learn
And since actually achieving equality still is a concern
I must open my mind to the opinions that women would suggest
Because theyre the ones who understand sexual oppression best
As a man im part of the problem that's something I must accept
Unless through education I can evolve towards a mutual respect
Everyone of us should realize how our struggle now relates
And how as equals we can destroy what society dictates
We can hopefully find a way to respectfully co-exist
And then eliminate the biggest prejudice that exists

[Both together]
because this is not about man vs. woman or woman vs. man
but human to human as we struggle to understand
were living life suspiciously believing there's no one we can trust
theyre dividing the population the system is destroying us
profiting from this division and the line of thinking that's been bought
if equality is ever to exist we have to unlearn what weve been taught
bigotry by ignorance unintended prejudice

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