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Текст и слова песни B.G. – Work Dat Ass

(feat. 5th Ward Weebie)

Unh yeah
Waaaaaaaaaaannnhh (Come on)
Yaaaaaaay (oh)
It's B. Gizzle (Yaaaaay)
5th Ward Wizzle
Uh huh (Yeah)
We gon make these hoes break a sweat with this one here, ya know what I'm
talking bout look (Yaaaaay)
Say, whoa this one here was meant to be, come on, come on, let's roll

[Chorus: 5th Ward Weebie]
I need a, need a, need a big fine woman who can work dat ass
She pretty in the face but she can work dat ass
A do it baby, stick girl, move that ass
Girl you know all the thangs I can do that ass (Yaaaaay)
'Cause I'm rollin
Before I hit you from the back, I need a trojan
Uh she rollin, uh I'm rollin
Before I hit you from the back, I need a trojan (Oh)

Look at that girl right there, she got some back on her
How can she walk around with all that ass on her
Damn, she got me tweakin for real
I don't rover tonight, I might pop a half of a pill, on the low
I'm hot (hot hot), Man I'm flaming for real
I love pussy, but I love to put this thang in ya grill
Chopper City like 'em short, Chopper City like 'em tall
Chopper City'll line them hoes up and fuck 'em all
My dog Weebie make them hoes catch the wall with it
And walkdy, walk, walk, walkdy walk with it
Say girl, get loose, back it up, break it down
Let me see if you can impress a nigga from uptown
Bitch stop stuntin, won't ya break a nigga off
Bitch stop stuntin, gon take it all off
Bitch stop stuntin, let me open up them walls
And if ya period down, go head and jack a nigga off


[5th Ward Weebie]
Won't ya pop that booty girl, shake dat ass
Do what ya do, I see ya moving
Pop it for Weebie and Doogie
She wobble like a model, but she probably be a juvie
I told her I can't holla, we too busy shootin movies (Yaaaaaay)
'Cause I'm rollin, rollin
Got a blue naked lady I'm holdin, holdin
Put ya thumbs in the air, representin for Soulja
I see a fine model, yeah she out that Nolia
She shake it like a dog
Wobble on the wall
Twurk it how she twurk it
While she work it, girl ya body picture perfect
Uh bend it over fa me, let me tickle ya middle
Girl, I'm rollin up a half so I love you a little
Bring it back fa me baby, bring it back baby
That round thang ya movin, gimme dat baby
Bring it back fa me baby, bring it back baby
That round thang ya movin, gimme dat baby


You don't know, ask somebody, they'll tell ya I'm the truth
I can't get pussy-whipped, my dick is pussy-proof
I see ya lookin at me, ya see me lookin at you
Fuck mind-fuckin each other, hot girl what it do
Break bread or fake dead, I ain't with horse-playin
I'm tryna fuck ya till when you get up ya can't stand
Damn, where ya learn to do it like that
I ain't neva seen a bitch make dat ass Nolia Clap

[5th Ward Weebie]
If a bitch in da club we fuckin
Me and Gizzle got money, bitch a hundred ain't nothin
I'm lookin at for that good joog, good mouth big ol' titties
So I can been ya ass over for dat Cocoa Crispy
Sets 4-5 got 'em rollin on the floor
While 6th Ward Crooked keep it rollin in that throat
I'm 5th Ward Weebie, not Webbie
The motherfuckin bounce king bitch, don't forget it, Ya heard me


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